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Terko Satin
Terko Satin
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Terko Satin

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Coats Terko Satin is a cotton wrapped polyester corespun thread with a glace finish. Terko Satin combines the excellent sewing performance of cotton with the superior strength and elongation characteristics of continuous filament polyester. The cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat even in the most demanding of applications. The glace finish binds together the fibrous surface of the thread and creates a lustrous finish to the thread with enhanced abrasion resistance.

Main Uses

  • Leather Wear
  • Fashion accessories
  • Automotive
  • Luggage and travel goods
  • Outdoor goods and sports equipment
  • Saddlery
  • Horse bridles
  • Protective footwear

Colour Disclaimer

Although we do our best to make sure that the colours printed on our website are accurate, the actual colours will vary. In addition, subtle colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and / or display cards.  If EXACT COLOUR MATCH is required please purchase a colour card or send swatch for colour match.  ALL Colours shown online are for guidance and information ONLY.  Once goods are ordered we cannot cancel or return as specially made to order.

  • Select Thread Strength
    • Please choose thread strength. NOTE: Ticket (TKT) Numbering Ticket numbering is a commercial numbering system. Ticket numbers are the manufacturer’s reference numbers for the size/strength/thickness of a given thread. Higher the ticket number, finer the thread. Lower the ticket number, thicker the thread.
      TKT 36 (+£0.00)
  • Select Cone Size
    • Terko Satin TKT 36 - 4000MTRS Large Cones / Terko Satin TKT 36 - 2500MTRS Cones / Terko Satin TKT 36 - 800MTRS Cops
      Box of 10 Large Cones (4000mtrs) (+£200.87)
      Box Of 10 Cones (2500mtrs) (+£112.54)
      Box of 10 cops (800mtrs) (+£56.88)
  • Select Colour
    • *Please select your colour from the Colour chart and enter the colour code in the box below.


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